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A CARS Birthday Cake


Last week was my nephew’s birthday and like I have been doing every year, since he was 2,  I  baked his birthday cake.

This year he wanted a Lightning McQueen (Cars) birthday cake.

I initially toyed with the idea of making the cake in the shape of Lightning McQueen but I was not sure if I would have enough time for this. (If I think about it afterwards, I think it would have taken me less time than making the topper.)

I decided to make a Lightning McQueen cake topper (from Rice Crispy treats of course – I am finding excuses to use it.) This took quite a bit of time to make. I was not too happy with the red colour (it is just not “Lightning McQueen” red) and next time I think I must rather use a gel than the red food colouring.


I made him a 3 layer cake, alternating between chocolate and vanilla with chocolate butter cream icing.

I have been having a bit of a problem with the icing as it always seems to “fall” to the bottom of the cake even though I had left the icing to set before even putting the fondant on. I have tried to Google why the butter cream does this and have not been able to find an answer yet so if anyone has any ideas, then I will gladly appreciate the help.

On the upside, my nephew loved his cake and couldn’t wait to eat the topper (which I am now glad was not all fondant.)


2 thoughts on “A CARS Birthday Cake”

  1. You’re just awesome and that’s that! FYI I’m so into the rice crispy treats and haven’t used it for a single topper yet. This sweet tooth doesn’t allow me to get that far. Once the novelty of the taste wears off I’ll actually attempt a topper. Ha ha

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    1. Thank you. If you want to treat your sweet toothe, cut up some cherries (if you eat them), or bits of chocolate and add that to the rice crispy treats.

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