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A smash(ing) cake

Frozen chocolate smash cake
Frozen chocolate smash cake

A weekend ago was a very busy weekend for me.

I had the pleasure of making three very different types of birthday cakes for three very special children.

I had the opportunity to make my very first smash cake. As I have said before I hate wasting food, let’s not even talk about cake. I only knew of one type of smash cake – that is a normal cake often made for a child’s first birthday and given to them to smash. It does make for a few great photographs.

I came across a different type of smash cake on Instagram – it is a chocolate shell filled with all sorts of sweets.

I had an absolute ball making my first smash cake for my god-daughter and I must be honest and say my nerves were shot. I was so worried that it would break or would not come out the way I wanted it to. Whilst the perfectionist in me is not 100% happy with the results, my god- daughter loved it and that is all that counts.

I also had the opportunity to make some Katy Perry cupcakes for my godson.

Katy Perry cupcakes
Katy Perry cupcakes

The cupcake toppers were candy cane sweets with pictures of Katy Perry. I was concerned about the weight of the toppers and whether it would stand on the cupcakes and it certainly did but just a tip- if you are going to make these- rather insert the toppers into the cupcakes at the party or venue as the toppers fall over when travelling.

Nevertheless, I loved being creative and it gave me such joy making these for my godson.

I also made a birthday cake for my step- niece.

Princess cake
Princess cake

A busy weekend to say the least.


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