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How to make chocolate, marshmallow, Easter eggs

How to make chocolate, marshmallow, Easter Eggs.

Easter is around the corner and you know what that means – Easter Eggs!

And of course, that also means that there is no better time than to make chocolate, Marshmallow, Easter eggs. Although it does take some time, it is really simple to make and oh so yum!

What you need:
– Make the marshmallow as per the recipe.
– About 3- 4 slabs of chocolate (this will obviously depend on the quantity of marshmallow that you are making).
– Egg shaped cookie cutter ( if you have a bunny shaped cookie cutter, you can use that as well).

Step 1:

Make the marshmallow. I made the marshmallow the night before to give it some time to set and allowing me to just get on with coating it with chocolate the next day. I also decided to colour the marshmallow yellow, and instead of vanilla flavouring, I added orange essence.

Just a tip, don’t cover the marshmallow with too much of the corn starch/icing sugar mixture as it makes covering the marshmallow in chocolate, difficult.

Step 2:

Once the marshmallow has set, use the cookie cutter to cut out marshmallow shaped eggs.

how to make marshmallow easter eggs 1

Step 3:

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler (or as described here). Don’t dip (or coat) the marshmallow in the hot chocolate as it will melt the marshmallow. Wait for the chocolate to cool down enough that it has not set yet and feels cool to the fingers.

Step 4:

Cover the marshmallow in chocolate. I first coated the top and sides and left it to set in the fridge. Once the chocolate had set, I coated the bottom and then left it to set. It takes about 40 minutes for the chocolate to set hard.

how to make marshmallow easter eggs 2

how to make marshmallow easter eggs 4

how to make masrhmallow easter eggs 5

And there you have it – chocolate, marshmallow, Easter eggs in 4 easy steps.

marshmallow easter eggs 6

Disclaimer: It can be a bit messy but it is so worth every bite.

We would love to hear how your Easter eggs came out so share them with us on social media:


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