I’m an addict

baking equipmentMy name is Cherise and I’m an addict.

Well let’s be more precise, I’m a baking addict.

I cannot resist buying baking and fondant modelling tools and moulds and cutters and rollers and the list goes on.

My free thoughts are spent on what I am going to buy next to add to my collection.

Needless to say, birthdays and Christmas are the best! I’m usually gifted money and I’m like a kid in a candy store- I simply can’t decide what tools and moulds and cutters I want to buy- I WANT IT ALL!

I spend hours online  on the aliexpress app browsing through their baking tools and moulds. I favourite everything! I want to buy everything!

The worst part is having to then decide from that list of favourites what I want to buy, given my limited budget.

I want to throw caution to the wind and buy everything.

I tell myself to leave something for next time but  next time there are new tools, new moulds.

The wait for the tools and moulds to arrive are the worst. Even waiting a day for the moulds I ordered on Monday  this week and that arrived on  Tuesday was unbearable.


The elation of opening the package that has just arrived and holding the tools in my hand, using the tools for the first time- beyond describable.

Do not take me into any sort of baking supply store that sells tools and moulds! Before I know it, I have spent quite a couple of hours there and I have not idea where the day went.

I have probably joined more baking groups on Facebook than what I have friends.

My banker is so helpful- He is always offering to increase the credit limit on my credit cards!

And because I can’t always buy tools and baking equipment, I have to make do with Pinterest, marvelling at all the beautiful cakes and toppers and party ideas, pinning away and telling myself that I will be making those beautiful works of art when I get my tools…

I am a baking addict and I love it!

Cupcakes and coffee taste better with conversation

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