I have two loves in my life.

One is my profession  – I am a lawyer by day.

My other love is baking, and I am by no means a professional; nor will I ever claim to be.

And well, I can’t really do either of the two without copious amounts of caffeine!

This blog is about my baking escapades; the things that I bake, tips and techniques that I learn along the way, and flops – lots and lots of flops!

I hope that you will enjoy sharing my escapades with me.

Disclaimer (being a lawyer and all that);

This blog is about MY baking escapades. The tips and techniques shared here are what have worked for me and what I have learnt. I do not guarantee that it is the correct way of baking because it is My way, nor can I guarantee that it will work for you. I also do not always use the correct baking terminology.